Tennessee American Water and Tennessee Aquarium Host Chattanooga Reach One, Teach One Students

Tennessee American Water and the Tennessee Aquarium hosted around 50 students for a day of activities to teach students about the importance of clean water from its natural source to the tap. Elementary and middle school aged children in the Reach One, Teach One Summer Enrichment Program made turtle maracas, viewed Australia’s Great Wild North 3D Film at the Aquarium’s IMAX Theater, visited the Aquarium and played in the plaza’s water features for a fun-filled day. 

“We had a great time providing a unique day for the Reach One, Teach One summer camp participants,” said Tennessee American Water External Affairs Manager Daphne Kirksey. “We hope to inspire more and more of the younger generation to learn about the key role each of us play in clean water supplies.”  

Children with the Reach One, Teach One watch Australia’s Great Wild North during a visit to the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater on Friday, July 1, 2022 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

 “We were excited to host these campers and provide an opportunity to learn more about the importance of water quality, both here at home and in other parts of the world,” said Keith Sanford, the Aquarium’s president and CEO. “Seeing Australia’s Great Wild North 3D gave the kids an opportunity to compare wetlands that are home to crocodiles with the Aquarium’s Delta Country exhibit and the wetland habitats of American Alligators. It was an exciting learning experience for them.” 

The goal of the year-round Reach One, Teach One program is to provide underserved youth with role models and structured activities where they can have fun in a safe space.   

“During our summer camp program, we have Fun Fridays where we take the students on different field trips in the community,” said founder and executive director of Reach One, Teach One Reginald Yearby.  “We appreciate Tennessee American Water and the Tennessee Aquarium coming together to give our kids a new way to think of and appreciate the precious resource of water.”