50 Reasons Why Water Quality Matters in Our Lives

Water plays an essential part in almost everything we do, every day, and each product or life experience that relies on water can be impacted by the quality of that water.

At American Water, our mission is to help keep our customers’ lives flowing. That includes all of the ways water quality directly, and indirectly, impacts everyday life. With that in mind, we set out to put together a list of 50 reasons why water quality matters—here’s what we came up with.

Our businesses rely on quality water.

  1. Food production. Whether grown in the ground or made in a kitchen, the food we eat is produced with use of plenty of water –the quality of water effects the quality of the product. For example, half a gallon of water goes into producing a single pasta noodle.
  2. Farming. Taking care of the animals that provide us with everything from meat to milk and cheese includes proper hydration and, plant-based products are no different. Did you know it takes 23 gallons of water to produce one glass of almond milk?
  3. Breweries & Distilleries. High-quality water makes for a high-quality beverage.
  4. Tourism. The tourism industry is highly dependent upon their ability to provide visitors with access to safe and reliable water.
  5. Energy. Power plants require access to a steady supply to keep operations running smoothly.
  6. Healthcare. Whether a regular visit or an emergency, doctors’ offices, hospitals and EMT vehicles need clean water for hygiene, to wash wounds, hydrate and more. When it comes to how we are treated, from vaccines to essential medications, water plays an important part in developing and manufacturing the drugs that benefit our lives.
  7. Automotive Manufacturing. According to some estimates, producing a car requires 40,000 gallons of water.
  8. Paper and Plastic Production. About 22 gallons goes into making a pound of the plastic that many of us come in contact with every day. As much as 99 percent of the pulp mixture that makes paper is water.
  9. Technology Production. Reading this from your iPhone? It took about 3,190 gallons of quality water to make that.
  10. Military Operations. Keeping servicemen, servicewomen and their families safe means providing them with access to high-quality water for every day. Water also supports technology operations, missions and the abundance of supplies required to keep our military prepared.
  11. Clothing Manufacturing. About 1,800 gallons is needed to produce a pair of jeans. 
  12. Gas stations. All the processes to produce a gallon of gasoline take, on average, three to six gallons of water.
  13. Entertainment Venues. Whether it’s watering the grass in a stadium or hydrating fans at a concert hall, water is critical to successful entertainment operations.
  14. Grocery Stores and Restaurants. The mist that keeps produce fresh, the hydration of flower bouquets, water that is used to clean surfaces and more – these operations require quality water. Meanwhile, the water coming out of restaurant taps effects drinks, food and sanitation.
  15. Cultural Attractions. The animals at zoos drink and swim in it, those at aquariums live in it and museums depend on it.   
  16. Educational Facilities. From water fountains to cafeterias and field maintenance, water is important to a school being the best it can be.
  17. Recreational Centers. For every Friday night lights, Saturday softball game and Sunday tee time, there is a lot of water that goes into maintaining the fields and courses.
  18. Dentistry and Orthodontics. Rinse and spit with low-quality water? No way.
  19. Salons. Washing and styling hair, manicures and pedicures are only as good as the water used for them. 
  20. Construction. In the world around us—the concrete and other materials that make it up—is built with water.  

Our health depends on quality water.

21. Hydration. Water is the best and least expensive way to stay hydrated.

22. Injury Care. Ice and warm water compresses are often an important part of the healing process – so why not make them from the best water available?

23. Heart Health. Staying hydrated with water can help lower blood pressure.

24. Mental Focus. By drinking water, you can improve mental focus.

25. Gut Health. Proper hydration with quality water increases metabolism and aids in digestion.

26. Hair and Skin Health. Proper hydration improves skin, hair strength and elasticity.

27. Sinus Health. Fighting nasal congestion? A humidifier filled with quality water to improve the air around you.

28. Ear Health. A buildup of wax is often combatted with ear irrigation using water.

29. Neuro Health. Proper hydration helps relieve headache and migraine pain.

30. Protection from Heat. Drinking enough water, or soaking in it, can prevent heatstroke during warm temperatures, especially for athletes enjoying a light jog or lengthy workout.

Our personal hygiene is rooted in quality water.

31. Hand Washing. Quality water makes for the best hygiene.

32. Showering and bathing. The water that we clean ourselves with should be dependable.

33. Brushing Teeth. Dental hygiene require access to quality water from the faucet.

34. Skin Care. Water is an important part of any skin routine, including washing, shaving and exfoliating.

35. Water-based Products. Many everyday items such as lotion are made up of as much as 80 percent water.

Our environment and communities need quality water.

36. Preserving Parks and Wildlife. Sometimes nature needs a little help and quality water can be the answer.

37. Improving Our Sustainability. By having access to quality tap water, we can avoid single-use plastic bottles by filling up our glasses at the sink.

38. Combating against Natural Disasters. When wildfires strike, water is the fighters’ extinguisher.

39. Supporting Urban Farming and Co-ops. The eco-friendly lifestyle of growing foods in our cities is dependent upon that water system’s ability to provide quality water through the tap.

Our homes run on quality water.

40. Home Gardening. Whether it is out in the yard or on the windowsill, our plants not only need water to survive, but that water also needs to be of a certain quality in order to thrive.

41. Dish Cleaning. After you wash your dishes, you’re trusting them, and the water you used to rinse, to be clean enough to eat from.

42. Interior Home Cleaning. The best deep-clean scrubbing depends on quality water.

43. Laundry Care. Quality water helps you make your clothes truly clean and taken care of.

44. Food and Drink Preparation. Water plays an important part in the kitchen, from washing your produce to making coffee or boiling water for pasta. This includes food prep for all members of the family, including baby bottles for the littlest ones.

45. Computer Use. Water is the most common coolant, or heat transfer fluid, in desktop PCs.

46. Home Heating. Through the use of radiators, water supports keeping your family warm even through the coldest of days.

47. Pet Care. Long day playing outside or in the mud? Pets deserve the best and safest bath, and you deserve a clean and safe pet too. Meanwhile, we trust the water coming out of the tap to keep our furry friends clean and healthy.

48. Home Plumbing. Flushing, rinsing, washing and more – we depend on our plumbing, and the water that keeps it going, to do a lot.   

Our fun and games are powered by quality water.

49. Playing in the Water. Whether it’s at a water park, a city fountain, a backyard pool or with the garden hose, playing in the water is a lot of fun when connected to a quality source of water.  From slides to lazy rivers and splash pads, water parks are a lot of fun when the main attractions are connected to a quality source of water.

50. Experimenting with Mixology. Whether used in the drink itself or the specialty ice, water can plan an important role in concocting craft beverages at home.

51. BONUS: YOU are Made of Water! Up to 60 percent of the adult human body is water. So, when your replenishing that supply, make sure it’s with high-quality water.

All of these things may not make you think of water quality – and that’s okay! The American Water team works hard, so when it comes to water, you don’t have to. If you’re interested in learning more about the water quality in your area, check out your water quality report today.