Investing in Water and Wastewater System Upgrades

In 2021, Pennsylvania American Water invested $373 million to upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure across the Commonwealth. From source to tap and back to the source again, our team of professionals works hard to maintain and improve our facilities to keep them operating efficiently, meeting regulatory standards and delivering high quality water and wastewater service. 

Over the past five years, Pennsylvania American Water has funded more than $1.8 billion in capital construction with expenditures expected to range from $450 to $600 million annually over the next several years. This includes improvements to treatment plants, wells, tanks, pump stations, pipes, valves, fire hydrants and metering equipment to sustain current operations while supporting resiliency for the future. For example, we replaced more than 65 miles (345,244 feet) of aging water and sewer pipelines last year. 

Infrastructure upgrades are not only important investments in public health and safety, they also help support the economic health of the communities we serve. Economic impact studies show that for every $1 million invested in water infrastructure, upwards of 15 jobs are generated throughout the economy. Through our continued investments, Pennsylvania American Water’s 2021 and 2022 infrastructure upgrade projects will support more than 3,700 jobs each year. 

With spring weather just around the corner, Pennsylvania American Water has announced the start of dozens of 2022 water main replacement projects, reflecting millions of dollars of investments.