Virginia American Water Employees Recognized With NAWC Positive Wave Award

The first NAWC Positive Wave Award winner of 2022 is a two-fer! Nominated by their colleague Nicolle Bradford, both Tony Bolyard and Joey Cimburke of Virginia American Water are being recognized for stepping up to help out a vulnerable elderly woman, even when the task fell far outside of their job description.

Field Service Representatives Tony and Joey were out flushing hydrants in Virginia American Water’s Hopewell district when they spotted an elderly woman in a broken-down vehicle on the side of the road. Folks on the road were enraged, honking and yelling at this woman who was growing increasingly stressed out by the situation. Tony and Joey immediately got to work, pulling their vehicle on either side of the woman with flashing lights to keep both the woman and her vehicle safe until a tow truck could come help her out.

Sometimes the call to serve emerges and it has nothing to do with the job you were hired to do. Fortunately, Tony and Joey know how to roll with the punches. Thank you to both of our January Positive Wave Award winners for their endearing display of humility and humanity.