West Virginia American Water Announces Significant Upgrades in Northern Operating Area 

West Virginia American Water announced today the completion of an estimated $4.5 million in upgrades to its Weston water treatment plant and northern operating area distribution system. The upgrades, which were completed over a four-year period, elevated the treatment plant’s daily production capacity from two to four million gallons of water per day and allow for enhanced treatment processes and service reliability. 

“We’re so pleased to announce the completion of these significant projects for our northern West Virginia customers,” said Robert Burton, president of West Virginia American Water. “The enhancements allow us to better serve our customers while providing for economic development opportunities and growth in the area.” 

The company’s Weston water treatment plant increased by approximately 2,000 square feet to house two new filters, a new raw water pump, a new high service pump and the addition of sodium hypochlorite to replace the use of gaseous chlorine in the disinfection process. Additionally, the company refurbished the plant’s four existing filters, added a second raw water intake screen, updated water quality monitoring equipment and data analyzers, installed an additional source water monitoring probe and enhanced employee safety measures such as a new ventilation system and eye wash station. 

“The improvements we’ve made to our Weston treatment plant allow us to serve our customers with safe, reliable water service each day,” said Jason Kessler, northern operating area operations manager of West Virginia American Water. “In addition to our treatment plant upgrades, we’ve enhanced communications equipment to better monitor our distribution system and made improvements to system needs in the Arnold Hill and Buck Hill areas.” 

In 2019, the Weston water treatment plant was awarded “Best Tasting Water in West Virginia” by the American Water Works Association West Virginia Section and has received the EPA’s “Partnership for Safe Water” Directors Award every year for more than a decade. In early 2022, the company plans to retire its Webster Springs water treatment plant and serve its Webster County customers from the Weston plant.