Illinois American Water Draws Support for Young Artists Through Annual Water Keeps Life Flowing Art Contest

Illinois American Water is supporting young artists through the company’s annual art contest “Water Keeps Life Flowing” which illustrates the importance of reliable, safe water service. Through the contest, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students draw a picture and write a sentence about what water service means to them. To help spark creativity teachers explain how important water service is for public health, food, daily chores, firefighting, manufacturing and more.  

Beth Matthews, vice president of operations for Illinois American Water is encouraged by the “creativity shown by Illinois American Water’s young customers.”  She said, “We appreciate the educators who share this learning opportunity with their students.  They are helping to mold our future environmental and water service leaders.”  

Matthews added, “This art contest helps our young customers understand the importance of water service in a creative way, by bringing together art and science. We are excited about the submissions which demonstrate the importance of water service and protecting precious water resources. The future looks bright in the hands of our young customers.”  

The 22 winners chosen by Illinois American Water earned their classroom a $100 donation which can be used for supplies or a classroom celebration.  The winning artwork can be viewed on Illinois American Water’s Facebook page.  The art contest winners are listed below: 

Adam W., 4th Grader, Unity East Elementary in Tolono
Alyza L., 4th Grader, Hardin County Elementary in Elizabethtown

Annabelle B., 4th Grader Millstadt School in Millstadt
Autumn H., 5th Grader, St. Mary’s Catholic Grade School in Sterling
Caitlyn B., 4th Grader, St. Michael Parish School in Wheaton
Cassie T., 5th Grader, Unity West Elementary in Tolono
Claire K., 3rd Grader, Holy Family School in Granite City 

Danna A., 5th Grader, Builta Elementary School in Bolingbrook 

Derek D., 5th Grader, Builta Elementary School in Bolingbrook
Grace W., 5th Grader, St. Mary’s Catholic Grade School in Sterling
Grayson S., 4th Grader, St. Ambrose School in Godfrey
Henry Y., 5th Grader, St. Mary’s School in Pontiac
James M., 3rd Grader, Le Starke School in Pekin 

Joshua, 5th Grader, Madison Elementary School in Wheaton 

Justyce G., 5th Grader, East Elementary School in Alton
Mia C., 3rd Grader, Central School in Lincoln 

Michael G., 3rd Grader, Peoria Christian School in Peoria
Rayna B., 5th Grader, Hardin County Elementary in Elizabethtown 

Rylan M., 5th Grader, Hardin County Elementary in Elizabethtown 

Shia L., 5th Grader, Quest Charter School in Peoria 

Sosia S., 5th Grader, Bottenfield Elementary in Champaign 

Teagan A., 3rd Grader, Blessed Sacrament in Belleville