New Jersey American Water Assures Customers its Systems are In Compliance with PFAS Regulations

New Jersey American Water, the state’s largest water and wastewater utility company, is assuring its customers that the company’s drinking water meets state and federal regulations for quality, including those for PFAS, a group of compounds that were recently regulated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP). Recently Middlesex Water Company issued a notice to customers served by its South Plainfield treatment facility that its water quality exceeded the NJ DEP’s limits for PFOA. Residents in Clark, Edison and South Plainfield who are New Jersey American Water customers are not impacted by Middlesex Water Company’s notification.   

“New Jersey American Water combines the dedication of water quality experts, cutting-edge research, and advanced technology to help recognize potential issues, such as PFAS, before they impact water quality, optimize treatment to help reduce the impact, and engineer sustainable solutions to help protect customers,” said Mark McDonough, President of New Jersey American Water. “We began making operational changes to achieve compliance with these new regulations before they became effective in January 2021, so our customers can feel confident that the water we provide is safe.”  

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances) are a large group of manufactured organic chemicals that are used in a variety of products for their nonstick properties, as well as in industrial applications such as firefighting. While many drinking water utilities are challenged by PFAS contamination, New Jersey American Water leverages its size, diverse locations, and economy of scale to identify and mitigate the risks from PFAS and other chemicals that are not yet widely understood. The company successfully piloted cutting-edge treatment strategies to effectively remove PFAS from several groundwater stations in its service territory. In fact, the company’s PFAS removal projects were recognized with three awards in the past year, including a Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award, an Alliance for Action’s Leading Infrastructure Award, and a Commerce and Industry Association of NJ (CIANJ) 2021 Environmental Award. 

New Jersey American Water’s water treatment technology, combined with its aggressive infrastructure investment program and the expertise of more than 800 professionals across the state work together to support the continued provision of high quality and reliable water service to customers. The company invests approximately $350 million annually to upgrade treatment plants, pumps and pipes throughout its service areas.  

To help customers learn more about New Jersey American Water’s treatment of PFAS, the company has created a dedicated PFAS webpage at, under Water Quality.