Understanding Your Water’s Quality

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about water quality and as always, we welcome the opportunity to talk about the quality of the water that we deliver, providing customers with a chance to become a more educated consumer by learning about the treatment process and have a better understanding of the quality of their water.

What customers might not know, is that they already have a reliable source of information at their fingertips – the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) or as you might know it, your annual water quality report. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Water Quality Month than to dive into the CCR.

  • What is a CCR?

The CCR is an annual water quality report that we provide to you each year by July 1st. Your CCR can help you make informed choices about the water you drink.

  • What will my CCR tell?

We include information about where your water comes from (such as an aquifer, lake, or other source), a list of regulated contaminants that we detected and the level, potential health effects from consuming contaminated water and additional safeguards against water-related illnesses, and contaminant levels in your CCR compared to national standards and any violations of health-based standards.

  • How can I make water quality data make sense?

Your report includes a list of definitions of terms such as MCL (maximum contaminant level) and imagery for terms such as that a ppb (part per billion) – it’s the same as one second in 32 years. We hope these definitions makes the information easier to understand.

  • What if I live in an apartment or rent a house?

Understanding your water quality and protecting water sources is important no matter where you live. If you live in an apartment building, rent a house, or have some other situation where you do not pay a water bill, and therefore might not directly receive a CCR, we suggest you request a copy from your landlord. They might already post it in the lobby or send you a copy directly.  You can also search our website and social media accounts for important customer information such as CCRs.

  • Is there anything I can do to help protect the quality of my water?

We can all play an important part in protecting our water sources. That’s why our reports also include tips for how customers can help preserve and protect their area’s water sources. This can include properly disposing of household items, such as pharmaceuticals, oils and paints, cleaning up after pets, and limiting fertilizer use.

At American Water, our goal is to help keep your life flowing, and an important part of that is making sure you understand what we do and why you can trust the water coming out of your tap. Check out your water quality report today.