Our Customers, Our Priority: Celebrating Members of the American Water Customer Experience Team

They’re the voices at the other end of your calls, the faces behind our emails in your inbox, and the team members whose sole mission is our customer’s satisfaction. Because our customers are at the center of everything we do, American Water’s customer experience team is at the heart of our operation—their commitment helps define our relationship with customers across the country. We couldn’t be prouder of all that they do, and we want to take this opportunity to put a spotlight on a few standout members of a much larger expert team who work hard to help keep life flowing for our customers.

Ewa David

Operations Support Specialist

As an Operations Support Specialist, Ewa David spends her day completing a large range of activities that go towards her favorite part of the job: providing effective assistance to customers in a timely manner. Even after more than three years with American Water, Ewa still believes one of the best ways she can do her job is by making the effort to learn something new about American Water’s many detailed processes. By committing to be an American Water expert, she knows that she is better positioned to help any customer that reaches out for help.

“By striving for the best customer service, we are ensuring that the name American Water is associated with a company that establishes close, trusting relationships with customers.”


RJ Sherman

Customer Accounts Manager

In his position, RJ Sherman provides service to customers who may have escalated complaints while being a direct liaison for major accounts with our internal departments.  An average day involves trying (and succeeding) to go above and beyond to help customers have a great experience in their interactions with American Water. Starting his career with us in field operations, RJ is known for his ability to help customers understand what the company is doing in the field and how that plays a role on their bills and accounts. He takes pride in being able to leave a customer in a better mindset then when the conversation started.

“It’s important to truly listen to a customer first and then try to find a solution to their problem. Listening first before making any assumptions can make anyone the best customer service team member.”


Cynthia Vasicek

Customer Service/Home Agent

Across 15 states and for nearly 13 years, Cynthia Vasicek has provided the kind of personal, congenial customer support that we pride ourselves on. She focuses on providing incredible service to each caller—going above and beyond to fulfill their needs.

As a direct line of communication between customers and American Water, she has also seen how our technology has grown to benefit the customers.

“We have a system that is dedicated to every need that a customer may have. I find the technology we currently have to be amazing. I can be speaking to a customer from one state and have an emergency order dispatched on a truck in that area in literally seconds.”


Addie Robinson

Service Delivery Specialist

A big part of a customer service team member’s job is to be there for customers during the difficult times. As a Service Delivery Specialist, Addie Robinson works hard every day to help make those difficult times more manageable for the customer. When it comes to past-due payments, Addie works with customers to develop solutions such as affordable payment plans or directing them to payment assistance programs.

Addie also plays a critical role for the New Jersey American Water Customer Advocacy Team as their in-house Spanish translator, which has included community education activities.

“One of my best moments at work was when I was selected to be the face of a virtual video we did for a Spanish TV Univision interview that was aimed at helping the Hispanic community. I felt honored to be able to communicate to the customers where to find the financial help they need to help pay their water bills.”


Vanessa Conrad

Billing Specialist

In her 18 years with American Water, Vanessa Conrad has learned a lot. First of all, according to Vanessa, there are no average days when it comes to customer service in the billing department. She and her department wear many hats. This includes, but is not limited to, releasing billing invoices, resolving customer billing issues, taking calls when called upon to do so, and answering emails regarding billing issue from the local offices.

Secondly, Vanessa has seen what separates a perfect customer service team member from the pack.

“I would describe the perfect customer service team member as being someone who does EVERYTHING possible to assure the customer’s complete satisfaction, going beyond the basic needs of the customer and, of course, they are always willing to help other team members achieve the same goal.”



Veronica Alloway

Operations Specialist

Every day, Veronica Alloway assists customers and contractors with the connection of new or renewal of water service to homes. In her 14 years doing customer service work for American Water, Veronica has developed the best way to help customers through such an important process.

“To best help customers, we use the method of establishing trust between the customer and New Jersey American Water. By providing a clear understanding of what is required during the process, following up, being compassionate, building a strong rapport and assuring them I am available for any additional questions or concerns they may have, I’ve been able to achieve interactions that are satisfying for all parties involved.”


Samantha Rhodes

Customer Service Representative

When it comes to billing, new home move-ins, home move-outs, emergencies or water quality, Samantha Rhodes is there to help American Water customers. She is determined to be an active listener when customers call in with concerns because she truly finds it rewarding to make a difference in their day. While doing our jobs well is always reward enough, Samantha can’t help but fondly recall the times when her work received the ultimate recognition.

“When customers take time out of their busy day to acknowledge and appreciate our good customer service, it truly stands out as a best work moment for me.”


We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our customer service representatives across our states and departments. You all play a big role in making American Water the customer-oriented company we pride ourselves on being.