West Virginia American Water Acquires the Town of East Bank Water System

West Virginia American Water was proud to announce the completion of its acquisition of the Town of East Bank’s water distribution system in early February 2021. The company now owns and operates the system as part of its Kanawha Valley system.

The Town of East Bank, which served approximately 395 customers along Rt. 61 in Kanawha County, has struggled to maintain adequate service to its customers in recent years. The town’s water system needs substantial infrastructure upgrades and historically lost approximately 60 percent of its treated water due to leaks.

“We are very pleased to receive the Public Service Commission’s approval to acquire the Town of East Bank’s water system,” said Robert Burton, president of West Virginia American Water. “We’ve worked closely with Mayor Charles Blair over the last several months, and we look forward to serving the town’s residents. West Virginia American Water will now take the necessary steps to provide East Bank residents with quality, reliable water service for many years to come.”

Earlier this year, the Town of East Bank determined that it was in the best interest of its customers to sell its distribution system to West Virginia American Water. Town officials noted that customers would benefit by receiving more reliable water service as a result of improved operation and maintenance of the system and investments by the company. The company recently acquired the neighboring Town of Glasgow’s water system over similar concerns.

West Virginia American Water has established an interconnection between the company’s water lines in Kanawha County and the town’s water system and will continue to make needed investments in the town’s water distribution system to reduce leakage, improve water quality, and provide more reliable service due to fewer unplanned outages. As of today, all customers previously served by the town are now customers of West Virginia American Water.

Town of East Bank water customers will become customers of West Virginia American Water. The previous residential customer rate of $38.90 per 3,000 gallons will increase to $43.46, a $4.56 increase per month. East Bank rates will increase annually until February 3, 2023 when customers reach the company’s standard rates as set by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia. Qualified customers may be eligible for a discounted rate through the company’s Special Reduced Rate program. Customers in need of financial assistance are encouraged to learn more on the company’s website.