New Water Treatment Plant Breaks Ground

Projects represent approximately $37 million in Lincoln water system upgrades

Illinois American Water is investing approximately $37 million in the Lincoln water system.  The work includes a new South Water Treatment Plant, a new water tower and water main replacements.

The new water treatment plant, which will be located south of Broadwell Drive and east of Lincoln Parkway, will include:

  • A new pump station to draw source water for treatment.
  • Enhanced treatment process including gravity sand filter beds, flocculation, and more.
  • Increased delivery capacity of up to 5 million gallons a day (MGD), an increase of 1.4 MGD.
  • New electrical and security systems for added redundancy to help protect the plant during an emergency.

Nathan Pennisi, operations superintendent said of the project, “We are excited to break ground on such a significant investment in the Lincoln community.  This work should help reduce emergency-related boil water orders and conservation measures, which we understand can be an inconvenience to the community.”

He continued, “This investment also supports our commitment to deliver high-quality drinking water to our customers.  We take the trust placed in us by our customers very seriously and are proud to deliver a quality product to our friends and neighbors.”

The new plant is expected to be online by early 2023. Illinois American Water will continue to update customers and key stakeholders as the project progresses.

In addition to the new water treatment plant, a new elevated water tower is being constructed at 315 Heitman Drive.  Construction kicked off last year on the 1-million-gallon tank and is expected to be completed this fall.  The new tank, which will feature the City of Lincoln logo, supports reliability and water pressure for not only water service, but fire protection. 

Water main replacements are also in progress.  Over 2,200 feet of aging water main will be replaced on Welch Drive, Portland Drive and DeBruler Drive.  A section of water main running under the railroad tracks along Decatur Street between Sangamon Street and Chicago Street will also be replaced.