Backflow Prevention & How to Comply

All non-residential customers are required to take steps to prevent cross connections and backflow to the water system. This includes the installation of an approved backflow prevention device and having it tested annually. Failure to comply can result in water service disconnection and open you up to liability in the event there is a backflow into our system.

What does it mean when my device fails?

A failed device means that the public water system is at risk from being contaminated by your facility. Backflow preventers keep potentially contaminated water from moving the wrong way through you water service lines. Water should only move in one direction through the pipes so that a sudden change in water pressure—like when a fire hydrant nearby is being used or a water main has broken—doesn’t negatively affect

What caused my device to fail?

There are a variety of reasons your device may have failed, including a variety of mechanical problems, but your device may also fail to pass an inspection if it is flooded, frozen or installed incorrectly. To learn more about IDEM’s requirements regarding backflow prevention devices, visit.

How long do I have to repair/replace my device?

It is your responsibility to repair or replace a failed backflow preventer as quickly as possible. IDEM requests that customers are notified within three days of a failed test notice. Your notice from Indiana American Water will come to you through our vendor, BSI Online, as soon as your tester has submitted the failed test to our system. You will then have no more than 30 days to repair or replace your device and submit a passing test result. Failure to submit a passing test could result in termination of your water service.

To learn more about your responsibility to prevent backflow into the public water supply, visit us online.