North Service Center Opens for Faster Service

Missouri American Water has invested $9.5 million in a 12,640 square-foot service center located at 9040 Frost Avenue in Berkeley. The North Service Center’s proximity to the highway allows the water utility’s crews to be within 15 minutes of most area service requests.

“Strategically placing our North Service Center in Berkeley enhances our ability to provide outstanding service and reliability to customers across St. Louis County,” said Jeffrey Kaiser, Missouri American Water’s Vice President of Operations.

The facility is fully operational and has increased the company’s efficiently by bringing 50 employees to the centrally located corridor.

“Strategically placing service locations throughout larger communities is becoming an industry best practice,” said Yacine Anane, engineering project manager for Missouri American Water. “We conducted an analysis of our service needs and chose Berkeley because of the easy access to the highway system. This allows us to reduce the drivetime of our crews and enhance customer service. We will evaluate the feasibility of building additional service locations across St. Louis County in the future.”

The North St. Louis facility consists of a 12,640 square-foot space that includes roughly 7,660 square-feet of office space and nearly 5,000 square-feet of vehicle storage. The project also includes an additional 10,000-square-foot, pre-engineered equipment storage area.

The facility does not house a bill payment center. Customers in need of a paying their bills in-person may find the nearest payment location by visiting here.