$11 million Investment in Jefferson City Water Infrastructure

Missouri American Water completed construction on a new $11 million clear well that can hold up to one million gallons of drinking water for customers. In addition, a new high-service pump station was built alongside the storage tank.

“We are excited that the improvements at our Jefferson City treatment plant will improve our ability to provide clean, safe, reliable service to our customers,” said Brent Haas, Manager of Jefferson City Operations for Missouri American Water. “The clear well, which serves as a storage tank for our treated drinking water, dated back to 1888 and was well past its expected life.”

The original clear well, constructed in 1888 and upgraded in 1927, experienced water leaks over the many years of service due to cracks located underground.

“The clear well supports our ability to maintain system pressure and meet customer water needs, especially in the summer when usage is higher due to lawn irrigation and outdoor use,” said Renee Lawrence, Senior Project Engineer for Missouri American Water. “This is especially important in emergency situations.”

Missouri American Water partnered with Goodwin Brothers Construction Co, the general contracting company, and several local companies such as Stokes Electric, Harold E. Butzer – Mechanical, and Central Missouri Professional Services, Inc. to design and build the new clear well during the 15-month construction project.

“Replacing aging water infrastructure like the clear well helps local fire departments’ emergency response efforts by maintaining pressure and improving system reliability. It also keeps our communities flowing for current and future generations,” said Haas.

The new high service pumps, which pump water to the distribution system piping and storage tanks, were installed to improve the efficiency of water delivery.