Tips for Water-Friendly Spring Cleaning

It’s the time of year where people everywhere are starting to pull out their buckets, rags and sponges to embark on the annual tradition of spring cleaning. As Earth Day approaches on April 22, it’s also a good time to reflect on how we can conserve water and contribute to the environment while we’re doing some deep cleaning at home. This is especially important as the average American family home uses more than 300 gallons of water per day, with roughly 70 percent occurring indoors.

There are ways to conserve water and be a friend to the environment while also keeping your home clean. Below are some useful tips for environmentally-friendly cleaning that help conserve water and protect our ecosystem.

  1. Fill it up, don’t let it run. While cleaning, you can conserve water usage if you avoid running the tap continuously throughout the process. By filling up a bucket with the amount of water you need to clean, you can avoid excessive waste.
  2. Don’t dump it all down the drain. As you clear out and declutter your home, think twice before dumping some things down any drain. Common items like contact lenses and medication won’t breakdown properly in water and can have toxic effects on the environment. Find out more from our blog post on what items should never go down the drain.
  3. No shame in your dishwasher game. Most modern dishwashers use less water per dish than handwashing, so opt for the dishwasher rather than handwashing next time. Also, try to wait until your dishwasher is filled to run it.
  4. Collect pre-shower water and multitask. The next time you’re waiting for the water to heat up before rinsing off, place a bucket in your shower. That clean, unused water can be repurposed for cleaning or watering plants. You could also use this water to clean your shower.
  5. Look for leaks while you clean. Make extra use of your time deep cleaning by checking for wasteful leaks.

The more water we conserve at home, the more water remains in our lakes, rivers and streams, and the less strain we put on this essential natural resource. So, as you take on the annual task of cleaning your home this spring, remember these tips for more efficient water usage and help protect the environment.