Quality Water Keeps Life Flowing

No matter how the last few months has affected you, your family and work, it’s extremely likely that water has played a key role in contributing to your quality of life during this time. There has never been a more important time to recognize the need for clean, safe, reliable water – and with August being Water Quality Month, we are focused on the importance of quality water for safety, hygiene, and fun.

From day one, this public health emergency has demanded a response from all of us. Social distancing and proper hygiene in everyday life have become two of the most basic yet important guidelines for potentially reducing the spread of COVID-19. A key factor, access to quality water, has made them possible. Here are a few ways that water contributes to the safety of consumers during the pandemic:

  • Spending more time at home.

As quarantine and social-distancing practices took root, time spent at home has skyrocketed and, as a result, so did tap water usage. Although each drop of water counts, dependence on the quality of the water in your home became even more important as many of us remain at home.

  • Cleaning with confidence.

Instead of a one-and-done activity, cleaning is now a part of many people’s regular routines to avoid germs and stay safe during these challenging times. As you pulled out those buckets, rags, and sponges, it was especially important that the water you might be cleaning or rinsing with was of the highest quality.

  • Hand-washing your worries away.

We have been especially dependent on the water from the sink to frequently wash our hands to remain clean and safe.


In a newly socially distanced world, many have also been looking for ways to make extended time in the home more enjoyable. With access to quality water, many popular at-home activities are possible. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Gardening to pass the time.

Home gardens became all the rage this summer. Many turned to planting fruits, vegetables and herbs as a way to brighten up time spent around the house. Feeding these gardens with quality water allows your produce to thrive.

  • Caring for pets.

After being sent home to work, many have been able to focus more on their furry little friends, and water made sure that your four-legged family member got the hydration, washing and cleaning they needed. 

While it’s important to acknowledge water quality this month, and this year especially, American Water is and always has been dedicated to providing access to clean, safe, reliable water. We do it because our customers deserve nothing less, and because it’s worth it to help keep your life flowing, now and always.