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Please Pass the Syrup. Our (water) Table is Set For Stranger Things Season 3!

Like millions of other fans, the American Water family has fallen in love with Eleven,…

Alex M. Water

Customer Service

No, 10,620 Gallons of Water is Not Enough to Keep you Hydrated This Summer

Summer is a few days away, bringing with it plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.…

David Choate

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One Million Tests Equal One Water Quality Report

Ever wonder about the quality of your drinking water? Probably not so much. The good…

Matt Corson


Supporting The Troops: Water and Wastewater Services on Our Nation’s Military Installations

That’s right, American Water’s podcast series, Wavelengths, now includes an episode giving you a look…

Mark McDonough

Infrastructure Investment

A salute to military services.

We are sitting down with MSG’s president Mark McDonough, MSG’s director of capital and asset…

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