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Packaging Pollution Solutions: More Value Than Meets the Eye!

I’m a firm believer that you don’t always have to take the bad with the…

Matt Corson


Doing Well or Doing Good? It’s Doing Both that Keeps our Communities Thriving!

At American Water, we have a saying—actually, more of a guiding principle: Doing well by…

Pamela Richardson


Imagine: 7 Billion People Drinking From a Glass That’s Only 3 Percent Full.

Imagine this. You get up in the morning, take your typical five-minute shower, then proceed…

Dr. Zia Bukhari


Infrastructure Week 2019 Kicks off May 13! Let’s #BuildForTomorrow Starting Now.

People are talking about infrastructure more frequently—certainly more often than just a single week out…

David Choate

Infrastructure Investment

Think Fast: Which Major Environmental Issue do Americans Care Most About?

I realize you may have chosen an answer that is water related based solely on…

Dr. Lauren Weinrich