American Water: #beautifullydifferent 12 Months a Year!

This month is Celebrate Diversity Month—a time to recognize, honor and appreciate the differences in people, perspectives, cultures and lifestyles that enrich our life experiences every day. But here at American Water, we not only celebrate diversity in April; we champion it 12 months out of the year!

The concept of “diversity” hasn’t been at the forefront of our society that long (Celebrate Diversity Month has only been around since 2004). Thankfully, the dynamics and philosophy of diversity has evolved substantially. Companies such as American Water quickly understood that implementing diversity initiatives was the right thing to do—and the smart thing to do.

We see diversity as an opportunity to celebrate differences in race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, spiritual practice, sexual orientation, military experience, physical capabilities and education, to name a few. Integrating inclusion and diversity principles into our culture made us a better company—in fact, celebrating the differences in our employees and encouraging a diversity of ideas, capabilities and experiences have become vital components of the way we do business.

Today, we also have a very active inclusion and diversity council to ensure that we continually evolve our practices to advance the well-being,  personal growth and job satisfaction of all our employees—as well as for the benefit of our customers.

I truly believe that American Water’s commitment to diversity in the workplace—our drive for inclusion, open-mindedness and equality in opportunity—makes us who we are today: a leader in our industry, a known innovator and a responsible corporate citizen in hundreds of communities nationwide. And if I had to sum up just how diversity makes us better, well I wouldn’t even attempt to put it into words on this page. Here’s why:

American Water Employees Celebrate What Makes Them #beautifullydifferent.

This video features members of our team sharing personal insights and celebrating what makes them different, special and—therefore—a valuable part of American Water. Through their words and insights, as well as their respect for themselves and their coworkers, you’ll see how diversity has become the foundation of our culture.

So please watch the video and think about how YOU would describe diversity. Please join the conversation, using #beautifullydifferent—and become inspired to be a champion of diversity by appreciating similarities and respecting differences in your community.