Wavelengths Episode Two: Come on into Our House!

I’d like to start by thanking American Water for asking me to co-host the second episode in our new podcast series, Wavelengths. It was an honor and a valuable experience for me to share this opportunity with my co-host, Eric Hahn, production manager for New Jersey American Water Southwest Operations.

As you’ll hear, Eric and I had a good deal of fun in the process. We have a lot of passion for the topic that we discussed: Water Quality. The podcast format is a great way to get our unedited “deep dive” into water quality, which we don’t always get to do in written communications and panel presentations. The greatest part is that it happened “in our house.” More specifically, we recorded our spring Wavelengths at New Jersey American Water’s Delaware River Regional Water Treatment Plant in Delran, NJ. Eric works at this location every day, and I have built my career there in the research labs investigating many of the aspects we talk about in the podcast. Eric and I can’t wait for all of our podcast listeners to hear about and see “our house”—and find out why we’re so excited to work there!

If you’re tempted to say, “Oh, water quality, really?!?!.” Think again. Yes, we’ve discussed multiple water quality issues in Water Street and elsewhere—but never quite like the way Eric and I do in this podcast. We also introduce new water quality topics. Moreover, the podcast format allows us to cover multiple topics in one session, then tie them all together so that you can elevate your understanding of the where, what, how and why of water quality within the microcosm of your life, as well as within the big picture of your community and our planet. You’ll also discover that, while Eric and I do stay on topic, we were able to—and believe me, we did—insert insights that pop into our heads. These thoughts are pretty unique, because they don’t come off a script, but from our everyday and not-so-everyday experiences on the job.

My point is, this Wavelengths episode will give you a richer understanding of and appreciation for water quality; provide you with “aha!” moments about water quality; and offer valuable, interesting information in a way that doesn’t feel like “education” at all! As for what we cover, I’ll paraphrase a quote from the podcast: For us at American Water, water quality all comes down to doing everything necessary so that you don’t have to give water a second thought.

I’ll end this blog as I began it—with a thank-you, this time to you, for listening to our Wavelengths episode. Please give it a listen this week on iTunes or amwater.com/podcast.