Introducing Wavelengths—American Water’s Enlightening and Engaging Podcast!

American Water proudly introduces our very own podcast series, Wavelengths. In typical American Water fashion, we’ve launched it with one of the most pressing issues in the water and wastewater industry. You guessed it, infrastructure. Now, before you say, “Oh, infrastructure, that’s a topic we already cover in-depth in Water Street blogs”—take my word for it, the podcast format opens your mind to learning and understanding… getting up-close and personal with topics in an exciting new way.  In fact, Wavelengths is structured to complement our Water Street blogs, not repeat them, and add a new dimension to your exchange of knowledge and ideas with us. I should know because I was given the opportunity to participate in our very first one!

Linda Sullivan, American Water’s chief financial officer and my co-host of our first Wavelengths, explains this perfectly in the podcast. She says, “At American Water we are absolutely customer obsessed.” She goes on to explain that what we set out to do with our podcast series is to form an even closer relationship with the communities and neighborhoods we serve, and with our customers.

As for our first Wavelengths podcast on infrastructure, Linda and I kick off our approach of going deeper into key topics you’ve told us you want to know more about, and doing it in unique ways that invite our listeners in and keep them captivated from the first second to the last. While I don’t want to give it all away, I will share a few highlights to whet your appetite.

The first is the pairing of Linda and me as co-hosts. As I mentioned above, Linda is our CFO and I am American Water’s vice president of engineering. Having me, an engineer, lead an infrastructure discussion probably seems like a “no brainer.” You’d expect a professional in my line of work to have experience dealing with our infrastructure. But a CFO? A finance person? If you aren’t seeing the connection, let it suffice to say that in the podcast, Linda partners with me to provide interesting, eye-opening and meaningful information about top infrastructure concerns and courses of action.

Next, we carefully chose our infrastructure topics of focus so as not to overwhelm our listeners with too much to digest at once, while still covering what matters most. In our first Wavelengths, Linda and I address:

  1. The current state of infrastructure
  2. Aging pipes
  3. Infrastructure solutions
  4. American Water’s infrastructure investments
  5. Leak detection and technology

Our followers have shared with us their enthusiasm for podcasts and we are excited to now connect with you in a way that works best in your world. We are also excited for you to hear what Linda and I have to say—and for us to hear what you think! So please, give it a listen on iTunes or