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#StrawsSuck, but they don’t have to!

We have often discussed cutting down on single-use plastics, such as disposable utensils, packaging, beverage…

Matt Corson

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Give us a G. Give us an R. Give us an E-E-N!

Auburn. Alabama’s crimson tide. The cherry and white of Temple. Blue and gold, red and…

Dr. Lauren Weinrich

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The “Savings” in Daylight Saving Time

When the first Sunday of November and the second Sunday of March roll around, there’s…

Gary A. Naumick, P.E. (PA.)

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Imagine a Day Without Water—and the next day and the next day and …

Today, marks the Value of Water Campaign’s fourth annual Imagine a Day Without Water, which…

Dr. Ben Stanford

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Utility Scams: How to Avoid the Pesky Crooks

Every November, activists all over the country unite in Utility Scam Awareness Week efforts. But…

Doug Brand

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