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Look up at the sky. It’s a tower. It’s a “water bank”. It’s water security!

Over the years, people have asked me about the purpose of elevated water storage tanks,…

Gary A. Naumick, P.E. (PA.)

Infrastructure Investment

National Park and Recreation Month: Ensuring Discovery for Generations to Come

Those of you who know American Water know that we have a great partnership with…

Dr. Lauren Weinrich


One Water Summit: The Water Industry’s Big Game

Last week, I had a great experience while walking into the 2018 US Water Alliance…

Alex M. Water


Smart Irrigation: It’s Not Just for Farmers

Step into the summer heat, take a look at everything in bloom and growing, and…

Matt Corson


American Water: A Big Fish in the Data Lake

From big data to microdata, it is clear that the use of data is becoming…

Dr. Ben Stanford