Water Quality Reports Offer A Look “Behind the Scenes” of Testing and Treatment

When most people turn on the tap to get a glass of water, they just assume that the water is safe to drink. Given everything that we do here at American Water to treat and deliver safe and clean water, that’s something we take pride in. But instead of just telling you about all we do and talking about the numerous tests, regulations and procedures that are part of what we do every day, we would rather just   show you the results from all that work!

Going “behind the scenes” we can give you a much closer look at all the details of our yearly Water Quality Reports – also called Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs). CCR’s are required to be released annually by all water utilities throughout the U.S., so as a consumer, why not take advantage of this opportunity to stay in the know about the health of your family, friends, and communities? This valuable report includes information on:

  1. Source water
  2. Compliance with drinking water rules
  3. Important educational language

But American Water doesn’t stop there – we take it a step further! In addition to posting the Water Quality Report for each system, we also provide a Typical Water Quality Summary that includes the water quality information that customers most commonly call and ask us about in a simple, easy-to-read format.

Providing our customers with access to these reports is of the utmost importance. We believe that transparency is the key to success when it comes to those we serve, and we want you have a better understanding of what’s coming out of your tap each day. Results for the 2017 drinking water CCRs are available now and searchable by zip code.