Expanding Your Water Sources (Keep Reading; It’s Not What You Think)

I’m sure as avid readers of Water Street you take its lessons to heart… and of course you’ve explored American Water’s website to get in touch with key water issues and opportunities, right? No matter how deeply you’re digging into the content presented, we really do appreciate the efforts you make to learn about and leverage the resources and information to advance your water stewardship.

We believe that to truly advance our company’s vision, water must be looked at from many different angles. Despite being such a simply designed thing—made up of just two parts H and one part O—water, as you know, is incredibly complex. The issues surrounding it are countless, and so are the forces at work to conserve and protect it.

Consequently, there are a ton of great sources out there to help you expand your water knowledge, strengthen your resolve and build your “arsenal” of tools, ideas and opportunities for supporting water stewardship goals. Here are a few of my favorites I encourage you to explore now and keep handy for the future:

  • Project Wet: Offering some fantastic water education resources.
  • Science Explorer, Water: A U.S. government cataloging of water-related science programs, activities, news and more.
  • Value of Water: Committed to raising awareness about the importance of water and the often invisible water challenges threatening our country.
  • Water for People: Engaged in an international water mission.
  • Water Topics by the EPA: Offering a plethora of information that delves deeper into several water categories.

While topics addressed by these sources will overlap at times, each has its unique approach and water “specialty” that can be incredibly helpful, as well as eye-opening. Some of these sources may offer you brand new insights and ideas you’ve never heard of. Others may address issues discussed regularly, but present them from a different perspective that may just have you looking at things in a way that provides an “aha!” moment of understanding… inspiration… discovery. And all of them work together to support a global water movement designed to protect our most precious natural resource.