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Expanding Your Water Sources (Keep Reading; It’s Not What You Think)

I’m sure as avid readers of Water Street you take its lessons to heart… and…

Matt Corson


World Water Day Explores “Nature for Water” March 22

For thousands of years, “Mother Nature” did a pretty good job making sure all manner…

Dr. Lauren Weinrich


My Tips for Motivation During Fix a Leak Week

I’d like to think that even if I didn’t work at American Water I’d be…

Alex M. Water

Customer Service

Can Grey Save the Day?

You’ve probably noticed that greywater and water recycling is popping up more and more frequently…

Alex M. Water


Waters Without (State) Borders

There’s an important anniversary coming up for anyone with an interest in water quality, conservation…

Alex M. Water


The Water-Energy Convergence—Hard at Work in a Laundry Room Near You

Water is essential for our daily lives, whether used for drinking, sanitation, industrial processing, irrigation,…

Gary A. Naumick, P.E. (PA.)

Infrastructure Investment