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Making Your Home More Water-Efficient, and More Wallet-Friendly

You know what I love about water? Even though we need it to stay alive,…

Gary A. Naumick, P.E. (PA.)

Customer Service

Environmental Grants: Committed to Helping Communities at the Source

It’s a unique and enviable position to be in when you’re able and excited to…

Matt Corson


Assessing the “Raw Water” Trend

Recently, you may have seen or heard about “raw water” a trend that has been…

Dr. Ben Stanford


Your Water: Where Does it Flow After You Go?

We’ve probably all taken a moment or two to contemplate – “Where does it go?”…

Dr. Lauren Weinrich

Infrastructure Investment

Differences in Drought: Taking Out the Doubt

When people hear “drought” the scenarios they conjure up go to one of two extremes.…

Dr. Ben Stanford


Filter Through the Facts Before You Filter at Home!

Even if you only occasionally visit American Water’s website, you know our customers can rest…

Matt Corson