Even When Winter Weather Nips at Your Nose, Your Home’s Pipes Can Remain Safe

How we’re already in the midst of the holiday season and its accompanying consistently colder weather for much of the country, I have no idea. What I do know is that unlike my holiday shopping list, I’m much farther along checking off items from my cold weather winter prep list. And just because it may not be snowing yet, that doesn’t mean you should put off getting your house in order for the coming freeze.

“But Matt,” you may say, “I already know that I should bring in my outdoor hoses and drain the sprinkler system to prevent breaks and freezing.” Yes, that’s a great start, but you really need to prepare now before the deep freeze really hits! To that end, attached are Handy Tips that include thoughts on:

  • Before Cold Weather Sets In: focuses on sprinklers and irrigation systems as well as identifying potential freezing points
  • When Temperatures Stay Below Freezing: speaks to knowing how to shut off your water, strengthen your defences against freezing, and how to protect your pipes
  • If Your Pipes Do Freeze: helps you understand how to thaw pipes and turn water back on.

Protect your home and family by winterizing your home before it’s too late. Stay safe this winter, and of course, stay warm!